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Evita Instagram Takeover

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Introducing the Stage Management department (left to right)

Kirsten - Stage Manager
Margaret - Assistant Stage Manager
Me - Assistant Stage Manager
Cari - Swing Assistant Stage Manager
Bonnie - Deputy Stage Manager

I am super excited to take over the Instagram this week on behalf of the team. As always if there is anything you’d love to know or see please leave it in the comments or DM this account. #EvitainAus#stagemanagement

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You asked for it! Here is the SMD (Stage Manager Desk) it is here the SM sits for the entire show calling every single cue, from flys to lighting and automation, and some deck and spot cues too!
As you can see there’s a lot happening! The monitors show different views of the stage: conductors view, infrared, birds eye and a colour version.

Also, that yellow and red button, that’s an emergency stop for any automation elements. Which can be pressed by the stage manager at any point during the show if required. (📸@joshuabroadbent) #EvitainAus

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Quick snap shot from under the Casa Rosada before we start tonight’s show! #EvitaInAus (📸 @joshuabroadbent)

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You’ve hear our cast talking about the rake all the time and you may be wondering exactly what that is. Nearly every show uses a stage deck rather then using the actual floor of the theatre. This is extremely helpful for multiple reasons, for example it allows automation to be included within the floor, or in our case lighting too.
Typical English theatre stages in the Middle Ages and early Modern era typically sloped upwards away from the audience, and that’s exactly what ours does. On the left is the audience and on the right is upstage. The incline of the the rake is only 4°, which might not seem like a lot, but standing on it for up to 3 hours you really notice it. Which is why it’s super important to stretch and warm up. Even for the crew! #EvitaInAus(📸@joshuabroadbent)

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Throwback to bump in at @artscentremelbourne! Everything that needs to be flown is up in the air and the wings are starting to form. All that’s missing was the show deck. Our incredible crew worked long hours getting this show in and ready for you all! 👏🏼 #EvitainAus (📸 @joshuabroadbent)

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Here’s the opening sequence of the show taken from the Prompt Copy!

Right from the first cue you must stay extremely focused because the show is in your hands. Can you guess how many cues there are in the show? (📸@joshuabroadbent) #EvitaInAus

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The stage is set and ready for Act Two! Here’s a quick snap from the bridge for “Casa Rosada” taken from the OP wing. #EvitaInAus (📸@joshuabroadbent)

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And now for a post under the rake. Not only is there a full rig of lights above the set, there’s also a heap under the rake. In total there is over 250 lights used for this production!
This photo is taken from OP looking across to prompt side. In the middle is a rig of lights underneath our light well.
#EvitaInAus (📸@joshuabroadbent)

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These are my ASM essentials:
- Comms headset (it’s always good to invest in your own, a lot of the times you will get one that may be a little bit to big, or out of shape. This year for Christmas I invested in my own, it’s the best decision I’ve made! This one is super light weight and fits comfortably)
- Torch (A MUST!) I love this torch, I’ve had two of them (my first one went through the wash, remember to take it out of your blacks!) it’s got an adjustable head which allows it to be anywhere from a small spot to a large one.
- Pencil and sticky note (or notebook) I always make sure I have one with me side stage. You may notice something during the show that you want to talk about with your SM but it’s not important enough to disturb the show call. So having something to write notes down on is great! - Water bottle. This is probably the best water bottle I’ve owned, just like my torch I’ve had two of these (and no it didn’t go through the wash too). I don’t need to tell you why having water with you side stage is important or why you should buy reusable bottles, but this one is great because it has a clip on the handle. If you’re doing a festival or event it allows you to attach it to yourself. Saves you from having to carry it! - also not pictured mints!
Is there anything you like to have in your must kit? (📸@joshuabroadbent) #EvitainAus

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This is probably one of my favourite photos I’ve taken while working on Evita! It’s taking from Prompt Corner at the Sydney Opera House.
Here at the State Theatre we have a huge amount of space backstage, at the Opera House it was the opposite. Every small nook or cranny was taken. Our SMD sat in the tiniest corner with the SM sitting against the wings. It was extremely tight, but they had one of the best seats in the house! (📸@joshuabroadbent) #EvitaInAus

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Every time we have a cast change that effects the projection images our Lighting Department load the new images into the system and run the cues to ensure it’s all working. Here’s a quick check of @jemmarix_oz for today’s performance! #EvitainAus (📸@joshuabroadbent)

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“Ladies and Gentlemen of the Evita company, the State Theatre is now open, the house is open”

Thankyou all so much for joining me this week on behalf of the Stage Management team, I’ve had a ball sharing with you the backstage world. Please feel free to follow @joshuabroadbent for more theatre related fun! 🙌🏼 #EvitaInAus